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Our Agents

Michelle Grabowski

From the moment Michelle Grajkowski first opened the doors to the 3 Seas Literary Agency in August of 2000, she has been living her dream. (What could be better than surrounding yourself with amazing authors and their exciting and imaginative books?)  Since then, her agency has sold almost 700 books to all the major publishing houses, and has grown from one agent to three! 

Michelle’s client list includes New York Times Bestselling Authors Katie MacAlister, Cathy McDavid, Kerrelyn Sparks and C.L. Wilson. She primarily represents romance, women’s fiction, young adult and middle grade fiction along with select non-fiction projects with a terrific message.  She is currently looking for fantastic writers with a voice of their own.

When not curled up with a great manuscript, Michelle loves to spend time with her husband, children and her two crazy puppies, who refuse to grow up.

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To query Michelle, see our Submissions.


Cori Deyoe

Cori Deyoe joined 3 Seas as a literary agent in 2006 with over 25 years of experience in the writing industry. She was previously a published author at Silhouette/Harlequin (national and international) and was also published in various non-fiction periodicals. Cori no longer pens her own stories, focusing solely on her fantastic clients’ projects. She has a special talent for the editing process and enjoys working closely with her authors to achieve perfect presentations.

Cori is actively looking to expand her list of clients. She represents all sub-genres of romance, women’s fiction, young adult, middle grade, picture books, thrillers, mysteries and select non-fiction.

On a personal note, Cori loves reading (of course!), traveling, photography, dogs, cats, horses and anything chocolate.

To query Cori, see our Submissions.



Linda Scalissi

Linda Scalissi is excited to join 3 Seas as their newest agent.  Not only has reading been a lifetime passion, but she has a strong background in professional proofreading, editing and sales.  She’s looking forward to receiving submissions and building strong, long-term relationships with her clients.

Linda is interested in representing authors of women’s fiction, thrillers, young adult, mysteries and romance.

She’s thrilled to be a part of the publishing industry as it will allow her the opportunity to read to her heart’s content - guilt free!

She resides with her husband, two dogs and four rescue goldfish.

To query Linda, see our Submissions.




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