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Janet Halpin

Janet Halpin grew up surrounded by, buried under, sleeping on and tripping over books. Her mother defined the term voracious reader, and Janet eagerly followed in her footsteps, haunting every book store, bookmobile and public library within a 50 mile radius. At the age of 10, Janet decided she wanted to do what the authors of the books she loved did--write. Her first story was for a class assignment, “The Day My Teacher Wore a Miniskirt to School.” She got a C-minus. She also got a lot of laughs, and that was all the encouragement she needed to keep writing.

After college, Janet parlayed her passion for writing into many paying gigs: broadcast reporter, scriptwriting, PR work, and grants-writing. Now, she writes fiction full time. Inspired by the genre fiction that enthralled her as a kid, she writes tense, emotional and darkly humorous YA, Sci-Fi, paranormal and time travel, all with a dash of mystery and a heap of romance. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, a funny and friendly guy, their two sons, both geniuses and good looking to boot, a hyper border collie and a humongous Maine coon cat with a terrible disposition.





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