Keri Mikulski

Keri MikulskiKeri Mikulski is the young adult author of Head Games (Razorbill/Penguin, January 6th, 2011), Pretty Tough Books 4 – 6 (Razorbill/Penguin, 2011-2012), Screwball (Blitz, 2008), and its sequel Change Up (Blitz, 2009). Keri earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Thomas Jefferson University, a master’s degree in teaching from The College of New Jersey, and is beginning coursework towards a MA/MFA degree in creative writing at Wilkes University. A three-sport athlete in high school and two-sport athlete in college, Keri worked as a personal trainer, lifeguard, registered nurse, middle school teacher, and high school coach. Her over thirty articles were sold to Current Health 1 and 2, Highlights for Children, Golfer Girl, Fastpitch Forever, Softball Youth, LiveStrong, and many other publications. Keri teaches writing at Rowan University and Stockton College, and lives at the Jersey Shore with her husband and daughter.


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